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Sun, 12-Aug-2012 08:52
Romania Rating 5.0 Голосов 4

Victoria Square Timisoara, Romania

Photo of Victoria Square Timisoara, Romania

Piata Victoriei (Victoria Square)

Victoria Square (Piata Victoriei), known as the Opera Square, the main square of Timisoara. On two sides of the square is small Opera House (north) and the Metropolitan Cathedral (south), two dntre most representative architectural monuments of the city. Side of the promenade from the Opera of the Cathedral is called Corso, and the other, Surrogate. Victoria Square was designed in the early twentieth century, the place of the old fortress fortifications, which were demolished to allow development of the city.

Initially the market was seen as an esplanade with restaurants and luxury shops. In the mid twentieth century, the market was practically closed by the appearance of the cathedral and blocks of flats on the side Substitutes. In the 80s of last century, with the removal of tramways, the market has become a pedestrian only area. On December 20, 1989, the crowd here was to proclaim Timisoara close as the first city free of communism in Romania.
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Mon, 14-May-2012 14:06
Thailand Rating 4.8 Голосов 4

Job 2 Do - Doo doo doo... ( Тайское регги )

Job 2 Do - Doo doo doo... ( Тайское регги )

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Tue, 14-Aug-2012 21:31
Japan Rating 5.0 Голосов 3

Голубой вагон по-японски

Чебурашка очень популярен в Японии.
Голубой вагон по-японски

Комментарий на YouTube: Cheburashka is greatest russian pokemon... Stronger than Pikachu.
Воздадим должное японцам - у импортированного Чебурашки идеальный дубляж.

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Tue, 22-May-2012 14:20
Spain Rating 4.7 Голосов 3

Berga Resort

Photo of Ресорт "Berga Resort", Берга, Испания

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Mon, 14-May-2012 19:00
Norway Rating 5.0 Голосов 3

Hurra Torpedo - Total eclipse of the heart на посудомойке

Hurra Torpedo - Total eclipse of the heart на посудомойке

Hurra Torpedo - норвежская рок-группа, исполняющая свои произведения на неожиданных музыкальных инструментах, таких как старая стиральная и посудомоечная машина, кухонная плита, ножка от торшера, кувалда... Группа весьма популярна у себя на родине, хотя за её пределами практически неизвестна. Под её творческий нож успела попасть не только классическая композиция Bonnie Tyler, но и вполне современные звёзды, такие как Бритни Спирс и Lady GaGa.
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Fri, 13-Jul-2012 13:41
Czech Republic Rating 5.0 Голосов 2

Hotel Giovanni Giacomo

Photo of Отель Giovanni Giacomo Теплице Чехия
Hotel Giovanni Giacomo is located in the historical centre of Teplice close to the Train Station. Hotel Giovanni Giacomo offers you elegant rooms, tasty Czech cuisine and free Wi-fi.

All rooms are air-conditioned and have a minibar and a cable TV. This 4-star hotel features a spa and wellness area with a wide range of body treatments and massages.

There is free parking on site, a bar and a terrace. The Giovanni offers an airport transfer service and free 24-hour secretary services.
Restaurant, Bar, 24-Hour Front Desk, Garden, Terrace, Non-Smoking Rooms, Elevator, Safety Deposit Box, Soundproofed Rooms, Heating, Luggage Storage, Ski Storage, Air Conditioning, Designated Smoking Area, Restaurant (à la carte), Sun Terrace

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Mon, 28-May-2012 17:40
Greece Rating 4.5 Голосов 2

Hotel Renia

Photo of Отель "Renia", Ираклион, Греция

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Fri, 25-May-2012 09:30
Russia Rating 5.0 Голосов 2

ДДТ - Осенняя

ДДТ - Осенняя
ДДТ - Осенняя

Наша музыка
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Person or company
Wed, 23-May-2012 18:54
Poland Rating 5.0 Голосов 2

Scherzi Musicali - Mutter

Scherzi Musicali - Mutter
Scherzi Musicali - Mutter

Конкурс в музыкальной академии, 2010 год. Польский молодёжный хор исполняет композицию Rammstein.

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Thu, 17-May-2012 17:02
Tunisia Rating 5.0 Голосов 2

Novostar Palmyra Beach

Photo of Novostar Palmyra Beach

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