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Русско-Тунисский словарь с русской транскрипцией (часть 2)
Russian-Tunisian dictionary with Russian transcription (part 2)
Dictionnaire russe-tunisien avec transcription russe (partie 2)

Часть 1:

Русский -- Тунисский (Арабский) -- Транскрипция

С с maa маа
с вами maakum маакум
с добрым утром sabah elkher са'бах элхи'р
с добрым утром sbakhir сбахи'р
с добрым утром sba-khir сбахэлхи'р
с добрым утром sbeh lkhir сбэх лхир
с кем? ma chkun маа шкун
с ним maaum мааум
с тобой, на тебе maak маак
сад jarda жарда
салат slata слата
салат (зелень) has хас
Русско-Тунисский словарь (часть 2)  
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Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler

Клип снимался на станции Hakaniemi Хельсинкского метрополитена, и по сей день, там всё осталось по-старому.
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler  
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Alejandra Guzman - Mirala miralo

Ранее незаслуженно обойдённая вниманием, испанская поп-музыка на Турленте
Alejandra Guzman - Mirala miralo  
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Ace of Base - Beautiful life

Пасмурно-грустно-сыро-тоскливо? В Стокгольме тоже, но шведам это никогда не мешало.
С добрым утром! Классика поп-музыки на Турленте.
Ace of Base - Beautiful life  
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Apulanta - Jumala

Вы не замечали, что тёплые, южные страны насыщены более лёгкой музыкой, а северные, холодные - более тяжёлой? Apulanta - Jumala - классика финского рока на Турленте.
Apulanta - Jumala  
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Tunisian rap is a rappest rap in the World :)
Balti - Hala Mala
Balti - Hala Mala  
Чебурашка очень популярен в Японии.
Голубой вагон по-японски

Комментарий на YouTube: Cheburashka is greatest russian pokemon... Stronger than Pikachu.
Воздадим должное японцам - у импортированного Чебурашки идеальный дубляж.

Голубой вагон по-японски  
Выходила на берег Катюша-3...

Весь мир прекрасно знает Катюшу. Мы отобрали для Вас три, самые специальные версии. Эта версия - на китайском языке. Композитор Матвей Блантер, автор оригинальных слов - Михаил Исаковский.
Выходила на берег Катюша-3...  
Выходила на берег Катюша-2...

Весь мир прекрасно знает Катюшу. Мы отобрали для Вас три, самые специальные версии. Эту версию исполняют японцы. Композитор Матвей Блантер, автор оригинальных слов - Михаил Исаковский.
Выходила на берег Катюша-2...  
Выходила на берег Катюша...

Весь мир прекрасно знает Катюшу. Мы отобрали для Вас три, самые специальные версии. Эта версия - на иврите. Композитор Матвей Блантер, автор оригинальных слов - Михаил Исаковский.
Выходила на берег Катюша...  
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Photo of Victoria Square Timisoara, Romania

Piata Victoriei (Victoria Square)

Victoria Square (Piata Victoriei), known as the Opera Square, the main square of Timisoara. On two sides of the square is small Opera House (north) and the Metropolitan Cathedral (south), two dntre most representative architectural monuments of the city. Side of the promenade from the Opera of the Cathedral is called Corso, and the other, Surrogate. Victoria Square was designed in the early twentieth century, the place of the old fortress fortifications, which were demolished to allow development of the city.

Initially the market was seen as an esplanade with restaurants and luxury shops. In the mid twentieth century, the market was practically closed by the appearance of the cathedral and blocks of flats on the side Substitutes. In the 80s of last century, with the removal of tramways, the market has become a pedestrian only area. On December 20, 1989, the crowd here was to proclaim Timisoara close as the first city free of communism in Romania.
Victoria Square Timisoara, Romania  

If English is your first language, you can trot the globe without any communication difficulties. If you happen to be a native Russian speaker, you are just as lucky and can travel from continent to continent with your precious knowledge of language. The fact is that English has become a language of international use because of great colonial past of the UK. As for the Russian language one might be interested to know that more than 145 million people speak it and you can always find someone who understands you.

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You might doubt any translation software if you have ever faced the results of absurd machine translation before. Let us assure you that ‘WhiteSmoke’ is an innovative program that has no demerits of all previous software translators due to the following reasons:
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Do not let poor language acquisition stand in the way of your delightful pastime! Take ‘WhiteSmoke’ with you, and travel to the remotest nooks of the world.
Download English Russian translator software here
Choose ‘WhiteSmoke’ software, and any English-Russian or Russian-English transla  
Asma Mahalaoui - Bi5at Habibi
أسماء محلاوي - بغيت حبيبي

Asma Mahalaoui - продукт Фабрики Звёзд (Star Academy-7). Тунисская поп-музыка (арабский язык) на Турленте.
أسماء محلاوي - بغيت حبيبي  
Surin Park Service Apartments offers a variety of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses. All of which have their own fully equipped kitchen and an open living area that extends out onto the terrace where you can sit and relax while sipping a glass of red wine. For a real luxurious touch try our three bedroom apartment with a Jacuzzi tub on the spacious terrace. Each apartment is designed to optimize the beautiful surrrounding environment and outdoor lifestyle, the folding doors open onto a spacious terrace providing complete synergy to indoor and outdoor living.
Once you've arrived at Surin Park, you can do as much or as little as you choose. Relax by the pool or savor a delicious meal at the Hotel Restaurant right by the pool. Or if you feel like staying in, try the Thai and Western delicacies from our room service dining. A traveldesk, parking area, babysitting, grocery, chauffeur services and laundry services, are all available to help you maximize your relaxation time and to make this your perfect holiday in Phuket.
Photo of Surin Park, Serviced Apartments in Phuket
Surin Park, Serviced Apartments in Phuket