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Hostel Tresor

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Tue, 14-Jan-2014 11:01
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Hostel Tresor

Photo of Hostel Tresor Ljubljana
Be unique and prepare an unforgettable event on the hottest location in Ljubljana, the new urban hostel Tresor.
You want to organize the next workshop in the actual bank vault or "organize a team building with treasure hunt" in a former bank? Then we are the right address for you!No keys are needed to access the Tresor, rooms are opened by card or bracelet. Our 132-person capacity is distributed into 28 rooms, named after world currencies.Upon entry into your room, a welcoming light guides you to your bed. All the rooms are air conditioned and temperature is managed electronically both in summer and winter. Tresor offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the premises.
Dorms have been rearranged into several smaller “vaults” to offer guests a degree of intimacy in line with the character of Tresor.

Photo of Hostel Tresor
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